• Sorry (Lyric Video)3:18
  • Me4:02
  • Somethin Bad ft. Carrie Underwood2:52
  • Chicken Noodle Soup ft. AG aka The Voice of Harle3:23
  • Love Yourself Lyrics3:51
  • Yoga3:54
  • Me Too3:02
  • Dj Casper (Lyrics) by Lyndsie154:31
  • Kill Em With Kindness3:44
  • Cupid Shuffle (Music Video)3:52
  • Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) (Official)3:22

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We hear it every day, "we're living in a microwavable world" right? Parents' missing those teachable moments and memories with their children because of you tube, cell phones, tablets, the digital world, technology and the glorious internet. On the contrary of it all, robotically it has also enhanced our children with  an excessive  speed  of  learning, thinking and producing in the  creation process.

 The wonderful aspect of this new invention and motivational future is, it is touching on a variety of careers such as; science, health, urban, art, music, history, writing, film, designing, fashion, and mostly being a BOSS!

That's what TeenZone wants to honor! The Entrepreneurial Partnership in the career goals of teens pursuing their artistry during Middle and High School years between, the ages of 12 and 18.   The program will offer free membership to all teens who join with parents permission. Where Teens will be able to compete for scholarships through contest.

Awards and Certificates will be awarded for  and through special events & venues, by program grants, directives, events and venues. All members will have the opportunities of having their works published, live interviews and accreditation letters and sponsorships from the Teen Zone Scholary Program. Thank you for your ARTISTRY!

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