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Purnell Holloway! aka PDolla!  Ceo of HollowHead Entertainment and Comedian strong! From Stand-Up to Acting! He's putting it down at the new Apollo! Web Series, Stage Plays and more... He's a force coming through for the top seat! 

From Stand-Up to Acting, Producing & Directing. Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, Comedy Central and more! Shang is taking off like a G-5! We chatted it up with him on his way to Jacksonville, FL. Check it out! We talked about his new DVD, Shang is Shangery, The Donald Trump Saga, going from dirty to clean comedy and more!

New to the game! Uprising Actres, Angela Ko, got her first big break with, Executive Producer;John Singelton on, his new TV Series "Rebel" airing on "BET" Angela has such a free spirited sol and speaks of "How to get out of your own way, in order to succeed" The importance of training and learning the business!

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Tracy "Twinkie" Byrd, talks about her beginnings in Film & Directing. The magnitude of her works, women empowerment, SAG-AFTRA and her very first Self-Directed Film, Counter 1960.

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The "EPIC" interview with, Ms. Cheryl Cooley! One of the most enjoyed interviews in years! The funky Guitarist and leading lady of the legendary R&B group, "Klymaxx" has proven what it is to uniquely keep the crowd coming, partying and jumping! Generations after generation. For over  30 yrs., Klymaxx has been giving us that funky groove and still is! With Hits like; "Meeting in the Ladies Room", "I Miss You" & " The Men all Pause", Klymaxx was part of the baby making revelation. Check out their new Single with the new generation of ladies added to Klymaxx " "Love Me"