Big city lights flashing from the very stomping grounds where it all started, the Bronx, NY. My home. I was already famous because I could tell the story of Hip-Hop history and the Legacy of those who shared the same upcoming and walked the same streets as I. The Bronx, N.Y known for its tough image and hard streets, as a kid, you had to find an outlet to release stress and stay out of trouble. Thanks to Dj Kool Herc, Hip-Hop was born on Sedgewick Ave. and I developed a love for mixing music that my family partied too on the weekends. I practiced on them and my friends in the neighborhood. Before I knew it, my request was warranted by many in the community for birthday parties and soon community events. My name then, became a household favorite as the man to make the people dance! Hip-hop, a culture defined by, music and generated into a significant universe of its own have become classic in the meaning of unionization. Until this day, I continue to use hip-hop, my roots of hip-hop in my craft and career, but I am a peoples DJ. Therefore, I play music for people of all kinds. The people request and I play! Music is universal and unique to the soul. Whatever makes the crowd happy and makes them move, I groove!

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